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DJ Descant Retired CMC/GSCM of ACU-5,1984 - 1986 and current association President/Secretary.
Bob James Retired GSCM out of ACU-5, 88 - 00, ACU and NSWC PCD Craftmaster, Alumni Vice President
Mitch Martin Retired GSCS out of ACU-4, 88-07, ACU and NSWC PCD Craftmaster, Alumni Treasurer

Troy Drury

Retired OSCS out of ACU-4, 1998 - 2007.

Steve Tobias

Retired CWO4/GSCS out of ACU-5, 1986 - 2006, 2009 - 2011

Matthew Rodakis

Former XO out of ACU-5, 1996-1998

Sean McQuire

Active Duty out of ACU-4, Aug 2003 - Aug 2012

Ernesto Barba

Active Duty out of ACU-5 and CNBG 1, 1989 - Present

Jim Newman

Retired QMCS out of ACU-4, 1993 - 2009

Anthony Opalek

Active Duty Det Maintenance out of ACU-4, 2005 - 2009

Richard Wells

Active Duty Nav out of ACU-5, 2004 - 2009

Brandon Atwood

Active Duty Nav out of ACU-4, '2003-2009, 2012 - Present

Scott Greathouse Active Duty GSCM, OIC, LCPO, C/M, Det Maint. out of ACU-5 Det WPA/NBU-7,

John Meacham

Active Duty GSEC, C/M & Eng out of WPA, ACU-5, CNBG-1, 2001 - Present

Anthony Butler Active Duty Eng out of ACU-5 WPA/NBU-7, 2003 - Present
Micheal McDonald Active Duty GSCS all positions, out of ACU-4 , 1992 - Present--Now at EWTGPAC
Richard Ballard Active Duty LCPO out of ACU-5, 1995 - Present, also Det WPA and ACU-4
Jarrod Conner Active Duty LPO out of ACU-4, 1997-2001, 2004 - Present
Steven Hill Active Duty Nav out of ACU-5 Det WPA/NBU-7, 10 yrs in program, retiring in 2018...
Robert 'Todd' Smith Active Duty LCPO out of ACU-4, C/M, Eng, Deck Eng, 1989 - Present
Donald Buchanan Active Duty OSCM-LCPO out of ACU-4, C/M, Nav, 1990 - Present
Valerie Meadows Former Nav out of ACU-4, 12/06 - 04/08;  **Our First Official Woman Member**

Christopher Morey

Active Duty Eng out of ACU-4, 1995 - Present
Julio Felizmedina Active Duty Deck Eng out of ACU-4, 2001 - 2009
Billy Ryan

Retired GSMC, Det Maint Chief, ACU-4, 2005-2009, Deck Eng. at ACU-5 from 1991-1994

James Vandendries Former GSM out of ACU-5, Jul 1991 to Jul 1995
Brian Yeomans Active Duty GSM1, Eng, Deck Eng. Det. Maint out of ACU-5, 6-years-Current

Tom Keenan

Retired QM1, LPO,, NAV out of ACU-5, 1989 - 2002,  Gov't GS-13 - Deceased:  11/10/12
Matt Dickinson Active Duty CMDCM(AW/SW), LCPO,C/M,Nav out of ACU-5, 1995 - 2009

Valerie Garcia

Active Duty GSE1, 'Deck Eng' out of ACU-5, 'November 2002-August 2007'
Andy Crowe Active Duty CDR, OIC out of ACU-5, 1995 - 2000
Jeremiah Barboza Active Duty GSM1 out of EWT/Pac/Lant, 2000 - Present
Kevin Konkol Active Duty MMCM, LCPO, C/M out of ACU-5, August 2001 - current
Donny Kennelly Active Duty GSM1, Eng out of ACU-5, 1992 - 2012
Brett Lee Active Duty DCCS, LCPO, C/M out of ACU-4, 2004 - Present
Ron Bolanowski Active Duty GSEC,  'LCPO, '   'C/M, '   'Eng' out of ACU-4, 1993 - Present
Curt Lind Active Duty HT1 (SW/AW), LPO, Eng out of ACU-4, 2000 - Present
Henry Grant Active Duty QMC, C/M, NAV out of ACU-4, 1995 - 2012
Jon Fessler Active Duty OSCS, NAV, LCPO, out of ACU-5, 2003 - Present
Darren Knight PUK sent, but no bio form submitted.
Leebert Johnson Active Duty GSM2 Deck Eng out of ACU-5, 2003 - Present


Active Duty GSM1, Eng. out of ACU-5, '08 Aug 97- Present
Bruce Sandy Active Duty GSCM 'LCPO, C/M, Eng, Deck Eng, Det Maint. Out of ACU 5,'1988-1997, 2000-2004, 2007-2010'

James Marek

Active Duty OSC, Nav out of ACU-5, 2004 - Present
Louis Johnsick Retired GSEC, C/M, Eng, out of ACU-5, '1994-1998 & 2002-2009'
Horacio Cruz Active Duty GSM2, Deck Eng, LPO, out of ACU-5, 8-years in program???

Don Paredes

Active Duty ENC, Eng., Deck Eng. out of ACU-4, 2002-Present.
Jason Delp Active Duty GSCS, LCPO, C/M out of ACU-4, 2002-Present

Michael Waranis

Active Duty MMCM, 'LCPO, '   'C/M, '   'Eng', out of ACU-4, '2000-Present'
Mark Snortland Active Duty HTCS, 'Det Maintenance', out of ACU-5, '2005-2008/2009-2012'
Timothy Palmer Active Duty GSM2, Deck Eng, Load Master,  out of ACU-4, 1997-2002 / 2004-2012

Ricardo Navarro

Active Duty GSCS, LCPO, C/M, Eng, Deck Eng, out of ACU-5, D/E 88-93, Eng 96-01, C/M 02-13'

Rockefeller Francia

Active Duty GSCS, LCPO, C/M, out of ACU-5, 2001 - Present
Glen Ross Retired GSM1, Eng, Det. Maint, LPO, out of ACU-4, '1/91-6/99  6/01-8/07'
Jeff Snyder Retired Master Chief, LCPO, C/M out of ACU-4, 1990 - 2001
David Coker Retired GSCS, LCPO, C/M. out of ACU-4, '1993-1998'
Joe Graves Retired LCDR, Dept. Head out of ACU-5, '1995-1997'

Jonathan Hall

Active Duty, GSM3, Deck Eng., out of ACU-5, 08-14

Todd Cholger

Active Duty GSCS, 'LCPO, '   'C/M, '   'Eng'; Dept. Head, out of ACU-5, '12/96 - Present

Matthew Dickinson

Active Duty OSCS, LCPO, C/M, Nav' 'Now CMDCM then OS2-OSCS' out of ACU-5, '94-2009'

Kurt Steiner

Active Duty ENCM, LCPO,C/M,Eng, Deck Eng, DetMaint.CMC out of ACU-5, 1991-Present

Rusty Hagins

Active Duty CDR, OIC, Dept. Head out of ACU-4, 'Apr 1987- Aug 1989'
John Roberts Former GSE1, 'Eng, ' 'Deck Eng, ' 'Det Maintenance' out of ACU-5,  88-95
Ken Gulledge Active Duty CWO4, Nav out of ACU-5, '1991-1996'
William Spinney Retired FCCS(SW/AW), LCPO, C/M out of ACU-4, 2001 - 2008
James Williams Active Duty GSCS, OIC, LCPO, C/M, Eng out of ACU-4, 99-2013

Howard Delacruz

Active Duty GSM1(SW/AW), Eng,  Deck Eng out of ACU-5, March 2002-present

Trevor Lang

Former GSE2, Deck Eng. out of ACU-5, 2009-2012

Shawn Marshall

Active Duty GSEC, Eng. out of ACU-5, September 2002 - Present

Jamie McKee

Active Duty OSC, Nav out of ACU-5, 2001-present
Walt Beverly Former Civil Service home based out of Panama City

Kelsey Harris

Active Duty ENC, Eng, out of ACU-4, 10 years in program

Citrine White

Active Duty GSM2, Eng, Deck Eng out of ACU-5 Det WPA/NBU-7,  2009-Present
George Detraz Support Contractor-PMS377-, Advanced Marine/CSC/R&P Technologies, 23 years.
Kevin Cross Active Duty GSMC, C/M, Eng., Deck Eng., out of ACU-5, 1992-2013
Guy Beckley Retired BMCS, LCPO, C/M, ACU-5 & ACU-4, 23 years, PMS 377 Contractor, R&P Technologies

Joshua Allen

Active Duty AOCS(AW/SW), LCPO, C/M, ACU-5 Det WPA/NBU-7, 2009-2012 ACU-5, 2012-present NBU-7
Marta Stojalowsk Active Duty GSM3, Deck Eng., ACU-5 Det WPA/NBU-7, 3 years in LCAC program.