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History and Evolution

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7-8-9 Selectees

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LCAC Stakeholders

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Craft Crews
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LCACers _

We are all Proud to be Sailors and Marines.
We're even more proud of our community and the unique skills we bring.  Enough time has passed, that we are starting to realize and fully appreciate the opportunity we have been given to serve as LCACers.  It's great to see our pride continue in the current LCAC community as exemplified with the web site and facebook communication we enjoy today.   We made the LCAC a viable weapon system vital to our nationís security.  We should share our good fortune not only with each other, but with a whole new generation of future LCACers.  Tell your sea story, show your pictures and video, show us your memorabilia. 

This LCAC Alumni Bulletin is exclusively designed and published for you, with you and about you.  We celebrate 28 years of the LCAC today 14 DEC 2012.  Our mission is to capture and document those past years, celebrate the present by keeping current LCAC Community events and milestones at the forefront and at last, but far from least, is to plan for and support the new LCAC 100 and future LCACers.  This new ship-to-shore connector can go farther, be stronger, and is tougher.

We are LCACers yes, we have a Duty to the LCAC Community: 
Active Duty, Retired Duty, Civil Service Duty, & Contractor Support Duty.

The LCAC Alumni Association's formal Mission-Vision-Objective statement is only part of what we are.  We are shipmates reconnecting, rekindling our relationships, and regrouping with the LCAC Community for a better way ahead. Share with us your suggestions and ideas.  Write a paper, join a committee, become a member of the LCAC Alumni Association.

Email to djdescant@lcacalumni.org.

Editorial Team:  DJ Descant, Bob James, Mitch Martin, Troy Drury, Emily MacDonnell Grdic along with countless other LCACers.

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